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Police Chase Results in Arrest 6/15/2022

viewer submitted photo all subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law

Police chase ends in arrest

This is what we have found out so far:

According to the Probable cause affidavit below:

On 6/15/2022 at approximately 1425 hours I was at the traffic signal for eastbound S.R. 128 at S.R. 9. I observed a red full-size Chevrolet truck directly in front of me with a paper dealer tag that showed expired 1/22/2022. I ran the plate and it returned to a Ford truck, not a Chevrolet. At this time we are now southbound on S.R. 9, approaching C.R. 700N. At the last minute, the vehicle changed lanes to turn east on to C.R. 700N. I followed and initiated a traffic stop. I approached the lone occupant and requested his driver's license and plate registration. The driver produced an Indiana Operators License bearing his name, William Randolph Chapman, II, and his image, the license expired 5/15/2022. The driver said that he hasn't had money to buy plates and couldn't explain why the plate didn't belong to the Chevrolet. I returned to my vehicle to check his license and VIN. A check of his license showed an active warrant for Violation of Probation out of Hancock County, Indiana with extradition. I also located a warrant through Anderson City Court for failure to appear. Deputy Andrew Williams arrived to assist and we walked toward the suspect vehicle to take Mr. Chapman into custody when he put the truck in drive and sped away. I was pursuing in my fully marked 2018 Ram Truck with red and blue lights and siren, that he had already pulled over once for. Deputy Andrew Williams was in pursuit as well in his 2020 fully marked Dodge Charger. Mr. Chapman traveled in excess of 80 MPH eastbound on C.R. 700N to C.R. 200E. Mr. Chapman disregarded the stop sign and proceeded southbound on C.R. 200E, A 45 MPH zone at 94 MPH. Mr. Chapman disregarded the stop signs at 200E and 500 and 600N. Mr. Chapman turned west when he saw the approaching lights on 200E of Sheriff Scott Mellinger. Chapman went west on 400N to C.R. 100E, to C.R. 360N, where he disregarded another stop sign. Chapman went west on 360N to Alexandria Pike, where he drove through a crop field to avoid Police apprehension at the intersection. Chapman then went northbound on Alexandria Pike, a 45 zone, at 89 MPH. Mr. Chapman turn west on C.R. 500N, went to S.R. 9 then went south. Mr. Chapman went off-road at approximately 4000 N. S.R. 9. Mr. Chapman left the state highway and run through a fence damaging it before driving east through a planted soybean field for approximately .62 miles, where he drove through a lawn before exiting southbound on Alexandria Pike. Farmer Ronald Miller suffered a loss of crop money under $750 from driving .62 miles through his soybeans, Donald Ray Hartman suffered a loss under $750 from the damaged fence. Mr. Chapman left the scene of the crash involving the fence and did not report the incident to police. Mr. Chapman went southbound on Alexandria Pike to School Street to Scatterfield Road. Mr. Chapman disregarded the stop sign for School Street at Scatterfield. Mr. Chapman then went north on Scatterfield to S.R. 9 and north. Mr. Chapman recklessly drove through the lawn at Farm Credit Services to avoid police tire deflation devices on S.R. 9. Mr. Chapman took S.R. 9 north to the 4700 block where he pulled into Dollar General and stopped. Mr. Chapman was taken into custody without incident.


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