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Police Chase Starts In Alexandria And Ends In Anderson. Suspect Already Out On O.R. Bond.

all subjects are innocent until proven guilty

2:25 PM 3/11/2022

Editor's Update

NO shots were fired, it was the suspect smacking a shovel up against a garage door.


On 03/09/2022 Alexandria Police tried to pull over a black BMW when the driver decided to flee the traffic stop with speeds getting up near 100 MPH.

After a long has police ran the plate on the can when they noted the car had an address not too far from the last seen location of the suspect. When police got to the house that the car was registered to they could see the garage light just turning off and smell what smelled like really hot car brakes.

After a short time, a person later identified as the suspect's father walked out of the house to the safety of the police. when Alexandria police first got on the scene they called for signal 100 and stated shots fired. it is unclear at this time if it was really shots fires or if maybe the really hot car had a backfire.

after about 15-20 minutes the suspect identified as Jay Christianson walked out the back door and surrendered to police without further incident. it is unclear if the suspect fired any shots as the charges do not reflect such.

the suspect has since been released from jail via O.R. with no cash bond being listed as posted at this time.

all subjects are innocent until proven guilty

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