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Pro Tip- Keeping your business running at its best.

Don't set yourself up for failure

One of the most frequent requests that Metromedia sees is for funding because something broke. Sometimes it is not avoidable, but often it is. We explore preventive measures to keep your business from experiencing a traumatizing event that could put your business under in today's edition of The Metro Life.

Is your vehicle your business lifeblood?

Right now, most of the country is experiencing cold temperatures as expected in January. The cold temps are hard on your vehicle because oil cannot flow as it should when it is extremely cold. One way to help your vehicle last longer and avoid major repairs is to keep an eye on your oil level. Many manufacturers claim you can go 3,000 miles or more between oil changes but that depends on your driving habits and the conditions of the environment you are driving in. Mountains, dusty areas, and stop-and-go traffic are all hard on your vehicle. If your oil seems darker than it should be, or if you have not changed the oil, you should get it done because it's cheaper than a new engine. Don't forget to check the anti-freeze, tires, and other fluids.

Your restaurant range hood

Taking the time to clean the grease traps, and having your range hood cleaned not only helps your restaurant maintain a better temperature in the kitchen, it also keeps your restaurant from having increased risks of fires, or overworked compressors going out on your HVAC system, all of which are costly repairs.

Clean your tools

It's easy to toss saws, drills, and other power tools in the back of the pickup truck for any contractor, but at the end of each job, using an air compressor to blow the sawdust off of your power tools makes the tools last longer and perform better because the dust won't collect on the motor of the tool. Wiping down hand tools, and storing them in an organized format at the end of each job also reduces the risk of leaving behind anything. Teaching your workers to practice this exercise is sometimes a challenge, but most effective if they see you doing it.

Your building

Cutting utility costs is on the mind of many business owners with the increasing costs associated with heating during the wintertime. Changing your furnace filters, sealing windows, and cleaning under stationary equipment will not only save you money but will also make a better appearance for your customers.

In closing

It is cheaper to maintain your equipment than it is to replace it. Funding for preventive maintenance is available with Metromedia Funding Solutions. Using an advance to avoid detrimental repairs is a good move because the costs of maintenance are also not cheap. The advance against future revenue option allows your business to take care of the equipment it depends on to run while keeping the cash flow working in your business because the payments are broken down into small increments and are designed to keep your business running without hiccups. Use the button below to get started on yours today and save yourself from unnecessary hardships in the future.

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