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Put Cash To Work- Here Is How

Funding is not expensive; what is expensive is not growing.

Seems like an abrupt entry for a story, we know. Stop and think about this for one moment, everything has gone up, except your income. This is a crazy economy we are living through right now, but if you don't grow your business, you cannot grow your income. Many who read this know that merchant cash advances are not loans, but they ARE private funding. You have to put the money to work faster than the payback. Because they are private money funders, they DO work to establish a good relationship with a funding backer. If your credit is not perfect, and you know you need money, they are fast, super fast they do not require a bunch of stipulations to get the money, and in many cases, if you apply by lunchtime, your account could be loaded by dinner time.

They are not for everyone- so we don't "sell them to everyone."

Metromedia Funding Solutions has a plethora of other funding programs, and it's adding new ones to the platform daily. Gone are the days when only merchant cash advances exist! The MCA is a great funding program if you put the money to work, you have to put that money to work.

When should you use one, or when should you avoid one?


If you are waiting on payment from a client, need to hit payroll, have an emergency expense, need inventory, dump money into another venture, pay off suppliers, or upgrade basic equipment that does not have a title like a computer, then you should consider an MCA

When You Should Not

Do not use an MCA to pay off another MCA, you are paying double on the factor when you do that. Do not use the MCA for gambling or personal gain, that money should be put into the business, even though you do not need to tell the funders where it goes, it should benefit the business that is paying the bill. This is not walk-around-the-mall money.

Epic Ways We Heard This Week On How Businesses Put The Merchant Cash Advance To Work:

Independent fast food company buys a new drive-through speaker and paves its parking lot in Illinois.

Construction contractor uses a micro advance to hire a firm that will walk them into millions of dollars of government contracts. - Nebraska

Auto repair center takes a small advance and uses the funds to offer poor single parents auto repair services, gets spotlighted on the news for it, and now has a booked-up shop- Illinois.

Your success story awaits; click the button to start your application right now!


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