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Severe Weather Update! 4/13/2022

Just a little bit ago the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in Norman, Ok downgraded much of Central Indiana from a level 3 risk of severe weather to a level 2 risk of severe weather. This includes Madison County.

What does this mean? You need to continue to be WEATHER AWARE this afternoon/evening as there is still a threat of strong to severe thunderstorms. These could have high winds and large hail. An isolated, short-lived tornado cannot be ruled out, but they are more unlikely at level 2 than being at level 3.

Why have they done this? The clouds this afternoon will not be clearing and allowing for afternoon heating that would lead to instability in the atmosphere. Without instability, the likelihood of rotating thunderstorms is greatly diminished. But again, strong winds and large hail are possible.

Who has the greatest risk of tornadoes? The very far southwest corner (Evansville area) is still in level 4 (red) for rotating thunderstorms.

Will they be setting off the sirens in Anderson? As of right now, there are no severe weather watches or warnings in place for Madison County. If that changes we will let you know. The City of Anderson sets off the sirens when there is a Tornado watch coupled with a Severe Thunderstorm Warning as a Severe Thunderstorm can produce a tornado with little to no warning. Since Severe Thunderstorms are capable of producing damage to life/property the City will sound its sirens. To reach severe criteria the wind must be at or exceed 58 mph. That is sufficient to knock down trees, take out power lines, do damage to buildings, and cause personal injury.

What should you do now? As stated before, continue to be weather aware. Have at least two ways to receive weather watches and warnings.

What are we going to do now? We will continue to monitor multiple on-line sources for updates on the weather, watch radar, monitor the SPC and NWS in Indianapolis, and continue to monitor the severe weather frequencies from around central Indiana for the latest information. If there are any new changes we will get them sent out to you as quickly as possible, but again, make sure you are not totally relying on us as your only source for weather watches/warnings.

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