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Severe Weather Update for Saturday, 04/30/2021

Currently, in Madison County, it is 61 degrees headed for a high of around 75. There will be some off/on showers periodically throughout the day. Madison County has been upgraded into a Level 2 (Slight Risk) for severe weather this afternoon/evening. Our level for yesterday for today was only Level 1. Timing on the storms is this afternoon and evening with the current thinking sometime after 4p. Madison County is on the far eastern edge of the area that could see severe weather. The hope is that the storm loses some of its intensity before it arrives in our area, especially after dark.

All of this is based on a cold front that will be moving into our area. A "squall line" is expected along the frontal boundary as it moves through. This means that the most likely threats will be high winds (excess of 58 mph) and large hail. On the "low" side is the threat of tornadoes, but they are possible as storms such as what is expected later today can produce a tornado with little to no warning. The probability for wind and hail is 15% and tornados are 5%. Any clearing of the clouds that allows for afternoon heating will also have an effect on the intensity of the storms.

So, stay weather aware this afternoon/evening. Have more than one source available to you to receive watches and warnings. It is not out of the question for a severe thunderstorm watch or tornado watch to be issued later today by the National Weather Service. Once a watch is issued continue to monitor the weather for warnings. It is best to periodically check to see what is going on in the counties to our west and southwest so you have an idea as to what the storm is producing prior to it arriving in our area.

Remember that Severe Thunderstorms are dangerous to life and property, so the sirens are likely to be sounded in the City of Anderson for a Severe Thunderstorm Warning (with or without a Tornado watch having been issued).

As always we will continue to monitor this throughout the day so look for future updates.


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