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Skipping LinkedIn- Why do I not have a profile there anymore? (editorial)(opinion)


It seems like there are more social media networks than ever before; at some point, when do you stop signing up for the next one? Of course, there is always the opportunity for a new client or new relationship, but is it worth it? In my opinion, I do not need it. I tried it out in the early part of 2018, and it seemed like I was getting messaged by every salesman on the planet. Granted, the same happens on other networks, but it appeared worse there. Once again, this is an opinion.

Does it make sense to have another social media profile? The better view is we all have the same 24 hours in a day regardless of how much money we have. I had to look at it from a return of investment standpoint. No, I did not pay for the premium; that is not where I am going with this. We spend so much time on social media already. At what point do we make a conscious decision that we need to spend that time on something else?

It was not confirmed that I made the right decision for myself until a couple of years later that someone approached me about a "targeted marketing campaign for business to business marketing" I became hip to a program that was made available that you could target profiles for targeted marketing to a very defined group. When you combine that with the spam garden of overseas developers, fake funding platforms, and the cryptocurrency announcements that littered my inbox, it becomes a hard pass for me.

I am sure I was misusing it by accepting the requests as anyone would. Still, I ran a test and tried to upload some content, and no one looked at it, there were over 10,000 on my connections list, and no one was looking at the content I put in the medium? How does that happen? Yet every day, I would see about 100 messages about rubbish I did not care to see. No fun pics from someone's life like you see on Facebook, but I found myself spending about 30 minutes on it every day when I was giving it a shot.

Math time, 30 minutes in a day and, I gave it a 6-months trial, and would not get on it on Saturday or Sunday, 150 minutes a week, that is 65 hours. I did not get the return of investment I wanted on my 65 hours.

In closing and the morale of the opinion and editorial piece, many forget that time is a commodity. It is not one that you can buy more of, no matter how much money you have, you only get 24 hours in a day, spend those hours wisely. If LinkedIn works well for you, great. Once again, this is just an opinion.





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