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Social Media Showdown- The Fight is on

The battle is real, not all platforms will win.

The pull in every direction can be felt by anyone who has been online the past several months. From allegations of bilking users that are paying for advertising to emotionally damaging repercussions felt by younger girls from abusive algorithms. The federal government has discussed regulation and would impose new “nondiscrimination” and “conflict of interest” provisions that would turn Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft into the phone company, barring the kind of integrated product design that makes their product more useful for hundreds of millions of people. None of the issues the bill is doing would solve the core problem we see on the frontlines. The bill would stop integration between Facebook and Instagram, and your business may disappear online because the news feeds would be regulated.

They are fighting one war, but the real war is happening in households across the country.

There is no secret that the intent of these platforms is self-serving to the parties that fund them. The real issue is the after-effect of freedom of speech, and accessibility to information. Everyone agrees on both sides that something needs to be done. Here is our question for them, we could not get anyone to give us a straight answer on is why are we trying to spend billions on regulation if we can save all of that money by making sure every account is attached to a real person or business? We bought that up because it would END the scammer accounts and fake accounts allowing these platforms to predicate numbers off of real users, and stop a good chunk of the online scams that have become commonplace on all platforms.

Wait, do we need them to be doing this in the first place?

Well, no one asked us, they did not ask you, and yet they collect money from everyone every day. We find it to be a problem that no one asked the users for their input, and that is what we are here today to do. We have a poll that we set up that is geared to get the unfiltered answers without collecting information. It's time to find out some key answers.

We can identify two issues across every platform in existence right now. Every platform has scam accounts on it, every platform also has children on it too. In order to unpack this bag of worms, we need to first ask a few key questions. The first one is should children be allowed on social media in the first place. This argument has valid points on both sides, there is a lot of talent discovered by social media platforms that are created by the youngsters, but there is also an army of predators hunting them down on a daily basis. The other question is, should every platform be required to validate account holders by identification cards? This question also has valid arguments for both sides. Validated accounts that are limited to one account per user would put an end to most of the scammers, but it also would put an end to users getting a fresh start on social media after something like a divorce, We are going to start with getting the unfiltered answers on these two questions first.

We want your opinion, nothing more...

We did not limit the times someone can share their opinion, our system is smart enough to throw out the bots. Our system only allows one vote to count per day on the questions. We did not tie the ability to vote to any advertisement, or requirement to subscribe to our publication. The answers to these questions are worthy of passing on that. No strings attached, voice your opinion. Don't hold back either.

We ask for nothing but your opinion. No email, phone, or name required to participate

There have been a lot of scams and crimes that originated over the internet but, there is an argument that social media already has enough info on everyone. What about age requirements? Would children be better off without it? Here is your chance to share your opinion, 100% anonymously. We will release the results when we publish the article in February.


In conclusion

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