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Stand For Something or Fall For Anything

Not everyone will agree, and that is okay

If you have followed this publication, you'd know we are in several online communities. We support an operation out of Indianapolis that catches predators attempting to solicit children, and apparently last week, they caught a big fish. I shared it in several communities that would not normally see news like this in addition to sharing the stream in the META group as it was covered in the Madison County News Network, our sister publication. It caught a lot of attention, as it should, but it also caused some communities to remove the story. My question is why would you remove the story and deny your community access to information like that? (One group was merging with a large company, we can understand that.)

Read the news article HERE

The answer is irrelevant at this point because it would not matter what the four communities that removed the story would rationalize as a valid reason, it still does not take away from the fact the access of information, especially the subject at hand, deserves to be seen by anyone that is interested.

Doing the right thing, even if it is not popular should always be your first objective, and your business should stand on the same principle. Never wavier, never back down, and stand on solid ground. Here is today's tip. Find an organization YOU as the business owner is passionate about, and collaborate with them and have them send potential customers your way and have them brag about how your business helps them on their videos. If you need an example, see any youtube video.

When you do business with Metromedia, part of the money we make is used to fuel projects like PCI Indianapolis, and others like, Turn Away No Longer, which supports foster children by giving them backpacks of supplies. Metromedia Funding Solutions has backed many initiatives, not only in Indiana but beyond and nationwide. Standing up for something, even if it is not popular, also gives your business to take on a personality, that your customers can relate to,.

I am not sure what these communities are doing for their missions, and it is not my business anyway, but Metromedia backing the news pages, and small outfits like the ones we mentioned has resulted in the safe return of two missing teenagers and exposed several offenders attempting to take advantage of children. and I know that at the very least, those people are thankful for it. The following on all of our pages also serves as confirmation that we will continue to hold the line for our mission.

How can you get involved?

Even if you are a merchant looking for funding, there is a way to help. Each initiative is funded from proceeds the company makes from business transactions. When you do business with us, it helps them, If you are an ISO shop, a broker, or even a funder, you can rest assured when we conduct business, that Rick uses part of his cut to fuel projects like this. If you are reading this and want to find out how you can get backing from Metromedia Funding Solutions, simply contact us by using the button below.

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