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Startups Backed by Metromedia Funding Solutions Push Hard For Strong Finish to 2022.

Solve for X before you can solve for Y

Some people are reading that and rolling their eyes, but the point has proven true. Overwhelmed is an understatement for the feeling that I deal with on a day-to-day basis. The need for an independent news station has proven to be a good resource for the community and those who work with it. You would think that a city of 50,000, wouldn't be that busy, but Anderson faces big-city issues but does not have the big-city budget they need to run it. They cannot get the funds they need without the addition of new businesses feeding money into the economy. It seems that we should be able to bring more jobs to Anderson, which will help it as we grow our startup leg in Madison County, IN. The news pages or stations are the Hamilton County News Network and Madison County News Network, with MCCNN being the larger of the two. Unlike traditional news stations, their business model is to "chase news" or news chasers. With a combination of tools and resources given to the brands from Metromedia Funding Solutions, they have proven to be great assets to the communities they serve, and we plan to invest more into more markets and stations.

Anderson Handyman as a concept and as a reality are two different things. My original plan of action was to make it an app and distribute leads for money with vetted contractors. We are discovering that there are a few contractors we prefer to work with because the quality is better, and we elected to run it more in that direction. I partnered up with Jesse Blair and backed him with tools and a customer management system with a lead flow to ensure he can stay busy no matter the time of the year. I worked out a deal with the owners of RnG Towing and Recovery to have a shop to run that out of, but due to the growth pattern the business is having and the desire to have a larger private facility, we will be moving him into a larger location soon.

Handmade Treasures got a major overhaul with an updated ordering interface for custom t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and even business cards with the area's first HD film printer that allows every detail of a design to appear on any product it prints. These are not the vinal Cricut craft show stuff that seems to be available everywhere, and the images are sharper and crisper than the others using sublimation. The technology allows the business to mass produce at competitive prices.

Metromedia Funding Solutions completes a total rebuild to the Metroplex software program; its third build launches the NFT marketplace and has set the stage for a national rollout with the emphasis being on its new feature, Metroplex locals, where social media influencers can lead the way for the small businesses in their communities to have a free platform with tools like automation emails, workflows, and technology that they have to pay for with other platforms giving them a scalable platform that triggers growth. The platform launched Thanksgiving week, and with thousands of inquiries will be onboarding them over the next several weeks to prepare the new members for a New Year rollout.

Videostars started taking new clients again after it closed the new client inquiry during the late spring and early summer time of 2022. The platform took on a large contract to build filters for a couple of social media platforms and is taking limited clients. The platform joins The Funded Project platform to find the clients they want to build commercials for and has its main office in the Metromedia Funding Solutions Atlanta, GA, location. They are spending their time working on several ongoing projects across the country.

Metroplex-owned and operated Facebook and TikTok pages and groups have grown to 177 markets strong, and all are expected to be running their own marketplace platforms by the end of 2023 on the stand-alone server.

Circle City Magazine Web Development takes on a major project build for a private party that has a goal of using the same technology Videostars uses to bring singles together but will be the first in its industry that will use a bank-level enrollment platform for users to enroll on the app taking the catfishing and scamming out of the industry. The project has started but is in its infant stages. The movie-like concept for the framework allows for 3D Virtual experiences with augmented reality; a few exclusive popular features are the tilt-scrolling abilities and 12K resolution that is being implemented into the Metroplex Locals build.

The Funded Project Platform, coined as the "Walmart of business funding and services." adds a personal loan network called Firefly, a title loan network, and automates the real estate funding transaction program to reduce the processing time by about 27% The e-commerce platform also saw major improvements with the implementation of the Videostars 360' view item view tool and the A.I. powered design model plugin that is so realistic that some of the model videos were offered dinner dates. This had everyone laughing, I was almost in tears.

Solve for Y

The new platform seems to run smoothly and effortlessly as the one it retired and has helped optimize our admin time in files to allow us to take on more clients but process faster. With how the buildout is set, we are optimistic that 2023 will be the pivotal year. As with any build and any project, nothing ever goes according to plan, and we have discovered several things in the personal loan network we are rebuilding, and the new consumer finance FlexxFund program is being coded in for the full launch. Popular integration tools, such as the ability to create estimates and send docs in the metroplex, are running smoothly, and the affiliate-based marketing platform allows anyone the ability to make money with the brand on both National and Local builds. As this grows, the platform will lockout the fake profiles and scammers while keeping data safe on a server in the United States that is exclusive to the United States, and we plan to grow the Metroplex Operations team in Anderson, Indiana, so we can help be a part of the solution for providing good paying dependable work for the community. While the platform may only be a couple of weeks old, as it rolls out across the country, the need to have in-house moderators will be in demand. The project has no other investor than Metromedia Funding Solutions, but as it grows, Metromedia Funding Solutions will invite syndicating investors to join. As it sits with the official platform rollout, the Funded Project Website has 1,048,573 website subscribers and grows daily. We are hopeful that in the mix of the crowd that we will meet new businesses to bring to town. Several say it cannot be done, but many are already starting to see the evolution unfold in front of them as the first large-scale effort made by a private party to rescue a city with a heartbreaking past discovers an optimistic future.

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