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Stop telemarketing, you don't want to be "that" company anyways...

Stop Cold Calling Start Networking

No one likes it when they get bothered on the phone, especially when they fill out a form, the next thing they know is the phone rings nonstop. This phrase is the common thought from almost every business owner out there. They call for funding, warranties, insurance, furniture, and everything else that you could think of, but who says yes?

Telemarketing proves to be counter-productive.

Believe it or not, one out of three-hundred cold calls will result in a sale in about any industry, but what about the image you just made to the other two hundred and ninety-nine others? Rest assured, even if you did trigger a thought or a need realized with any of those businesses, they won't be calling you back, but why, you ask? The secret is that they do not want to be called, They will seek out the services or products you are selling from your competition. We can appreciate the efforts of growing a business, it is hard work, but the effort you are putting into grinding on the phone, watching telemarketers come and go, and the emotional damage from the consent rejection should be enough for you to wake up and realize that cold calling in 2022 is not it.

Now what

The cold hard truth is some companies are not going to make it for the long haul because they cannot see past the fact that those rejections will seek your services elsewhere, the only way you can make them take a look at you, or your business is to provide value. Ask yourself, what is it that you do better? What needs in the marketplace do you meet that others do not? Why should they do business with you and not your competition? In order to survive this hostile economy we are in, you have to be able to answer those questions fully. Many businesses that used telemarketing efforts in the past have changed direction and put their focus on content-driven marketing efforts. Several companies have found that video marketing, social media marketing, and referral-based marketing bring better leads anyways.

Not long before it becomes illegal anyway.

There are several states that are starting to introduce bills to make telemarketing a thing of the past. Some studies show that over 50% of telemarketing calls are done illegally and lawmakers are reviewing the bill that would make the practice against the law. A bill like that has huge bipartisan support, which is rare these days. Recently, we did a random poll with the Madison County Community News Network and it was discovered with over 5,000 responses that 83% of the responders support a law that would make telemarketing illegal. In South Dakota, The Senate Commerce and Energy Committee voted 9-0 to endorse HB1214. Its prime sponsor is the House speaker, Representative Spencer Gosch, R-Glenham. He said he’s been called twice from his own number, once to talk about insurance and once about an extended vehicle warranty.

Brainstorming session

If you need help brainstorming ideas or need to bounce ideas back and forth with someone that is in the mindset of making businesses grow, we are here. All you have to do is click the button below, leave some basic contact info and we will be in touch. We do not sell your information, there is no cost, no commitment, and no risk.

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