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Suspect Charged In Christmas Day Shooting.

On December 25, 2022, Madison County Sheriff’s Department Deputies responded to Ascension St. Vincent Hospital on a report of a male subject being shot. The victim, Blake Austin Dodson, was observed to have two gunshot wounds, one to his left arm and one to the middle of his back. Neither of the gunshot wounds was life-threatening. Mr. Dodson identified the person who shot him as Matthew Miranda Antonio Ruiz, who is his girlfriend's brother and their roommate at 971 W Seybert Street, Pendleton, Indiana.

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Mr. Dodson stated he was in a verbal argument with his girlfriend (Meghan Nicole Ruiz) over Mr. Dodson not joining her family in the living room of the residence while they opened up Christmas gifts. Mr. Dodson stated Mr. Ruiz got involved in an argument between him and his girlfriend, and he and Mr. Ruiz got into a verbal argument. Mr. Dodson stated as they were verbally arguing, he went towards Mr. Ruiz, and Mr. Ruiz shot him twice, first in the arm and then in the back.

After speaking with Mr. Dodson, Madison County Sheriff’s Deputies went to 971 W Seybert Street, Pendleton, Indiana, and took Matthew Miranda Antonio Ruiz into custody without incident. While at the residence, the firearm used during the incident was recovered.

Witness Meghan Nicole Ruiz was interviewed, and her accounts of the incident were the same as Mr. Dodson’s statement.

Matthew Miranda Antonio Ruiz was interviewed and admitted to shooting Mr. Dodson over a verbal argument. Mr. Ruiz was arrested and transported to the Madison County Detention Center on the charge of, Battery-committed with a deadly weapon, a felony, and is now out of jail and awaiting trial on a $10,000 Bond.

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