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The Funded Project Sneak Peek at Season Two

Season Two is shaping up to be something special. One of the viewers of the show mentioned that they love the advice, and commentary that has become commonplace in the show. Their show suggestion mentioned they thought it would be a lot of fun if we followed a start-up business from day one. Richard Moghadam, the host of The Funded Project interviewed several start-up businesses, and either it was a business that would not be enjoyable for the fans to watch, or owners were not ready to be in front of the camera or distance for taping would have been an issue. Moghadam liked the idea but, could not find the right situation. Over the past several weeks Moghadam and his staff have been overhauling several company-owned websites and it dawned on Moghadam, "why don't we launch a start-up in a totally different industry and use it to show prospective business owners how I would react to life as a new business." He shared his vision with Doug Bowmer, one of the admins in Metromedia.

We cannot tell you what company it is, several know that follows Moghadam personally, but there is one that was created. All we can tell you is that the new business is not a business-to-business service as many of Moghadam's companies are, it has nothing to do with financial services, nothing to do with construction or roofing either. On October 26th, 2021 we will find out with the airing of season two- episode one of The Funded Project. What we have gathered is there are some changes underway and, new merchandise that is fitting the show's website in time for the holiday season. We can confirm this publication is in collaboration with the show to come up with a holiday-themed trade show for small businesses and, are interviewing facilities large enough to handle it. Moghadam has also confirmed that he wants to make a trade show bigger than any fair or festival geared towards small businesses but they all are worried about raising COVID-19 numbers. Doug Bowmer mentioned they have something really special set in place ready to roll to help small businesses in the event the numbers cause another lockdown.

The collaborative effort reaches far beyond Indiana, the involvement of another admin in the state of Florida also has a special project he has in store to help businesses grow regardless of the economical environment the country is in. The show has obtained two large sponsors and, we will learn about them in detail in the coming weeks, and there are going to be a lot of lives changed, and jobs created because of it.

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