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The Metromedia Branded Affiliate Program Launch - Live- Free Enrollment

This helps everyone.

As many may know, Metromedia Funding Solutions invented a platform called The Funded Project and have been watching it grow exponentially over the last several months. Our website, web app, and phone apps have all been updated, and the platform not only serves business owners as it always has but now serves as a personal loan, title loan, and alternative financing mega-hub. The new platform also houses our web services, videography, animation, and business merch department, where you can order anything from business cards to door magnets and more. We launched an affiliate program where lead sellers, website owners, social media influencers, and even news stations can earn 3% of the funded amount on business funding programs and earn commissions on everything else we offer.

Biggest Affiliate Payout Program In This Space

As a company, we wanted the affiliate program to be something that would help our agents obtain more leads, but we also wanted the affiliates to promote our program; the new additions to the platform will serve both of them. We think this program will be the best fit. The four-stage rollout started in the late afternoon of 10/18/2022, with the first stage being an introduction of the program to our followers and community. The second stage will roll out on 10/30/2022, with the addition of the social media department and ad campaign department being added to the platform by the middle of November; the collaboration between several companies will commence allowing the affiliates more money-making opportunities. Before the Thanksgiving break, we expect to roll out the express fund portal that allows current customers to simply automate a request from the app and have funding on the same day.

But $10,000.00 ? How?

We have programs for unsecured business funding that can go as high as $340,000.00 on the same-day funding sector (as seen here)

Register Now to Join Us

We are going to start adding affiliates as early as tomorrow. We are excited to see how far this can go. If you would like to learn more, click the button below.

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