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The New Platform Brings News and Services Faster Than Ever Before.


(National- Press Release)

Coast To Coast

We proudly announce that the new platform for the local news pages nationwide is now live. The platform allows citizen news chasers to bring local news to the community without political fluff or corporate agenda. The tech suite brings a stand-alone video hosting platform. The business suite for contributors brings a state-of-the-art software that can build a video from text. Many markets are operating a RSS feed style news reporting bringing you the local news faster. The new platform also allows news chasers across the country to take advantage of a platform that is free for them to use to host their content and is made available without a subscription to all users in all cities from coast to coast, thanks to a significant contribution from the national sponsors.

400% Faster than the one it replaced.

The platform also has enough bandwidth to cover up to a million users at a time without lagging or going down. With Facebook pages, TikTok, and YouTube Channels across the country using the platform, it will create a news environment that has a goal of making local unbiased news available to everyone no matter where they are.

New Features:

Watch Now Page- This brings videos from all platforms onto one feed.

Faster Mobile Experience - iPhone and Android Apps To Go Live This Summer.

Virtual Concert and Event Experiences - With no unique downloads and, in most cases, will be free for our users.


User profiles - where everyone can upload and share short content videos and grow their own following,

A.I. Playground- With a network of developers from Indiana, Florida, Texas, Georgia and California that have come together to build and oversee that artificial intelligence tools are created responsibly to preserve humanity but to build tools and apps that make life easier, more enjoyable, more profitable and more wholesome for all users.


VR marketplace with storefronts from local businesses with a centralized virtual mall experience will give small businesses the same power that larger sellers have and to be able to sell on platforms like Amazon and others.

Metroplex Locals Marketplace- New Feature to go live allows users to buy, sell and trade locally.

Yes, we still are the same as before. The name does not change; we are all pooling together to help each other to help you.

We announce this centralized mission in news reporting, business development, funding, and video production. We are on a mission to:

  1. Address and conquer homelessness in the communities we serve.

  2. Fight human trafficking

  3. Provide factual news with no political or corporate agenda.

How you help is by sharing our content, following us on social media, and if you see a banner ad that piques your interest that you would click it and check it out.


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