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The Redwood Times: Life, unexpected

It's Father's Day. Although there are many different examples of fathers, there is only one definition. My father passed earlier this year, January 4th to be exact, and it's hitting me harder today than when he passed. Don't get me wrong, I was extremely sad and literally devastated but in my mind, it wasn't real. If I just think he is at home with mommy, then I wouldn't have to think about his death. And it worked, until today. Today I stepped back into the reality of life and it was definitely not expected. No one to call. No one to tell my children to call. Absolute no way of hiding that he is not at here.

The Redwood Foundation gave out free dinners, beer, and water today to any man in celebration of Father's Day. Even though the Juneteenth Event that was happening did not allow our organization to participate because they were afraid giving away free food would prevent the vendors from making money, we were quickly able to get permission to set up in the lot of the barbershop directly across the street from the owner. When I say No weapon, I mean No Weapon!

During the event, I just got sadder and sadder as I watched or served the many different fathers that came and got free food. I just couldn't help but think, "my daddy likes barbecue, I need to make him a plate." After I made his plate, I gave it away, went to his truck, and tried my best not to cry.

Life is so unexpected. No matter how much you prep and prepare, even rehearse, life will still throw you a curveball to let you know you have NOTHING under control. All you can do is make the best of what you got and find ways to grow and move forward. But the key is to keep moving forward. No matter how many unexpected obstacles are put in your path, KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

Making sure to end on a positive note, please know no matter who you are or what you do, if you're trying to do right and make this city better, I SUPPORT YOU!

Donita Thompson

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