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The Rusty Spoke Cafe Opens in a Community That Desperately Needed Dining Options

A cold spring day in Laurens Iowa, Glenda Peters finds herself unhappy in her job at a long-term care facility working long shifts and taking care of seniors across Iowa. Her friend said that her menu and food were so good that she asked "Why don't you open a restaurant?" Glenda's dream of owning her own business was more alive than ever. She came across The Funded Project, a Television Show from Indiana, that helps small businesses find safe resources, Like many, they want to do something, but do not have the means to do so. Metromedia Funding Solutions initially rejected the idea, until CEO and serial entrepreneur Richard Moghadam discovered her file and looked into it. Moghadam mentioned to me that after reviewing the rule Iowa community he found that the community needed more dining choices and needed ones that were not fast food related. His team researched the risk mitigation of opening up a restaurant in Iowa, 10 hours away from Moghadam's corporate office and collaborated with friends as far as Texas, and created a program to help her launch the restaurant.

The location at 211 IA-10 in Laurens IA was discovered by Glenda but the location needed work to make it a restaurant. A few days before the opening, it was discovered the walking cooler was not working correctly, Moghadam and his right-hand guy Doug Bowmer drove from Indiana to Laurens Iowa to make sure they got it working. They made the decision to help her through the Metromedia Funding Solutions corporate charity - The Funded Project, which kicked in over $10,000.00 worth of services at no cost to the new restaurant. They built the full restaurant management system below cost and even worked with several business service providers to make sure they had their needs met.

"Glenda is perfect for the restaurant " Moghadam proffers as he discussed her story of how she came from working for others to now running one of Iowa's most favored restaurants. "Her story hit home, I was there years back, it's like God lead us to here" he continues. The restaurant is going into the third weekend of operation, Glenda did most of the work in the setup herself, "she has a drive within her that you do not see in business owners, even big business owners, the way she pushed herself should be an inspiration to us all" he concludes.

No one knew who I was when I went to the restaurant on the warm evening of July 23rd, 2021. The whole staff and food was the equivalent of that you would expect in a restaurant in Chicago. I understand why she is the perfect fit. I had a Barnyard Burger that was the best sandwich I have had in my life, and I have traveled the world.

I will be conducting a follow-up interview with Glenda in the near future for a national spotlight piece we will be releasing on the new station coming to C.C.M TV this fall on Roku, and I am encouraged and inspired by Glenda Peters.

Video- Credit- The Funded Project







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Glenda Peters

Contact- The Funded Project

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