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The site is NOW LIVE- Enjoy the new upgrades!

Over 500 hours of coding and major investment into Madison County

The goal is to provide a news resource that is dependable, and not politically driven. The co-op between Circle City Magazine and Madison County Community News Network has been a successful program for the community. The new website that launched a few months ago was still in beta test mode but now had been deemed as complete. The build is with the enhancements with a reactive build, the coding language of the pages was combined between Python, Velo, and Morales set on a reactive server using a 512-bit security enhancement, stronger than most banks. What it means is the site videos are capable of 8K resolution, the site functionality using the new servers allows users with older devices to access all functionality. The estimated retail cost of this phase is around $30,000.00 which was 100% funded by Metromedia Funding Solutions and gifted to the community.

Phase One of Three

Currently, the new app is pending Apple's approval to be included in The App Store, and the new app is pending approval in Google Play where the site will have a stand-alone app. Some of the added features upon app release will also include an Alexa and Google Home integration allowing users to have news delivered directly to those devices. We expect these to be 100% live this spring.

Trade and Barter, Business Listing Services, and Organized Sponsor Placement

The objective is to provide news without the worry of over-kill on ads, the feedback from the community is the desire to access information without having to be forced to watch ads is also the same desire of the co-op. The backing from Metromedia Funding Solutions has allowed that goal to be achieved. Each post shall be limited to three ads placed in the post by sponsors or advertisers of the page. The Classified ads for peer-to-peer listings like buy/sell/and trade are linked through the Anderson Trade and Barter group linked to the Facebook Group. The Business listing section is a separate section on the site, and independent from the Facebook pages. Local businesses may advertise by the purchase of ad space, pinned post, or by sponsoring bottom post tiles, all of which are explained in the revamped advertise with us section. Some of the changes include a reduction of advertising costs.

Events and Community Information

Another new feature is the event listings page, this page will list events and attractions that are happening in our area. For those who have events, we encourage you to reach out and let us know the details of your events. Use the contact button at the bottom of the events page for more information.

Other additions and tech stuff

Find local businesses, deals, and other information on the business listings page. We encourage local businesses to join us there. The Metro Life is a business publication also operated by Metromedia, a link to it is on the main page. This is the first phase of a three-phase expansion. The second part of the expansion will come this spring, it's a video-sharing social platform that combines features from YouTube and TikTok but is geared for local usage. The third phase will come this fall, with the whole platform becoming available in the Metaverse Virtual platform that Facebook is releasing for virtual settings. This server is substantially stronger and load times are rated in the top 5% in web app news pages in the country and can handle up to 5 million users at one time before it slows down.

ALL NEW eCoupons - For Madison County - Local Businesses - FREE

This new publication will be delivered by email from us to the subscribers of the news updates, it only comes one time a month starting next month and it will feature local businesses and coupons, specials, and deals they are doing. We even set the pricing up to allow the local businesses in for as little as $5.00 in a continued effort to help local businesses compete with big-box chains. This starts in February

Business owners- Act Now

We do not sell your information

We do not sell your information or offer our subscriber list to anyone. If we send an email, it is only related to breaking news. We do not do advertising emails or paid promotional emails for outside companies. Once a month, we do an email push notification with coupons or advertisements that are either directly related to this page, a local business that advertised with us, a sponsor or, one of our sister companies owned by the same outfit. Those emails come directly from us and only one time per month. They are clearly labeled as monthly specials to prevent confusion and not click-bait. Under no condition will any advertiser be allowed the ability to copy our subscriber list, and it is not for sale or lease to anyone.

Please share this with local businesses- Support local

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