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This Program Ends Forclosure And Allows You To Retain Your Property

If you own property, you have unrealized equity.

In 2020 a new program was tested for property owners that have distressed property or were facing back taxes or even a foreclosure. The concept was to create a program that allowed property owners that are strapped for cash to leverage property but also keep their property. The program took off when inflation skyrocketed as many property owners found themselves in a situation where they had unrealized equity combined with recovering from the economic issues COVID-19 caused them.

How it works

A lease buyback is three transactions it is a sale, a lease, and a purchase agreement. An investor purchases the property pays off the liens, and nets you cash. They lease it back to you on a monthly payment, and then you buy it back at a predetermined agreed purchase price in the future when you are ready. Because it is not a loan, getting one is easier than getting an advance or a credit line.

Who should do this?

Anyone can do this regardless if they own a business or not. If you own a piece of property, even if it's land, commercial property, your home, your rental property, or inherited property, this program could work. This program is not for people that owe huge mortgages It works best on property that is owned free and clear. Since the beginning of the year, we have found that many people in foreclosure or in trouble with back taxes have also benefited. We have included this handy chart for reference.

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