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Three Free Tips To Help You Grow Your Business.

Cash Flow Issues Become Moot With More Customers

One thing every business has in common is that they do not survive without customers. Regardless of whether you serve the public or only a certain type of client, without more of them you cannot grow. The biggest complaint of business owners is how to beat the bank on advertising dollars. These next rounds of tips are set to help you to make your ad dollars go substantially further. Not all programs work for everyone, your results may be better or worse than these examples given, so modify any that you choose to use for your business.

Share to win with a live drawing

Metromedia does this contest often, and it seems to work well, here is how it works. Buy a $100.00 Visa gift card. Now, go to Facebook, make a video that you are having a share to win contest, and how it works is your current fans share your page on theirs and tag friends, for each friend that follows they get an entry, and so does the friend. Run the contest for one week, and let them know there is no limit, they just have to prove it. You will get messages with screenshots, tagged on posts, and new followers will share with their circle. I use ticket rolls like those that you see at carnivals where I put their name on each ticket they qualify for and put it in a bingo ball troth and draw live on Facebook. You should do your drawing on a Saturday afternoon, where most people are off, use the event tool in Facebook to run your drawing live, you will see plenty of them in there. Build some hype and run a special on something and discuss that before the drawing. You shouldn't do this contest more than one or two times in a year to prevent people from unfollowing to just follow again because they are trying to win something.

Small groups on Facebook

Contacting administrators of small groups on Facebook and asking if they would accept a small payment to have a pinned post or announcement of your business is also a great tool. I find the best luck in groups that fit my target audience and are not familiar with my business. Usually, fifty bucks will get the job done, and depending on the group, you can get this done often cheaper. Now Metromedia owns or manages over 100 groups across the country. The reason that it is important to work with groups over the marketplace is the group members are more likely to interact, and when it is an announcement in a group, all group members get push notifications.

Pick up the phone and ask

This may sound redundant, and it may be redundant but we bring it up because it simply works. Picking up the phone and talking to prior clients, potentials, and lost sales from the past. People, situations, and needs change, you never know, that sale you need may be right at your fingertips.

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