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(Toledo, OH. ) State of the City Address Brings Hope For The Future

Toledo 11

Mayor Kapszukiewicz of Toledo recently highlighted the absence of gun violence and homicides in the city since February 3rd, with no homicides reported in the month of March [1]. He emphasized the importance of addressing gun violence and shared his administration's innovative strategies, such as the creation of a violence interrupters program in Toledo. The mayor admitted that the program's accomplishments have not been fully understood or acknowledged, and took responsibility for not explaining its purpose more effectively

Kapszukiewicz commended the program for intervening in city neighborhoods before conflicts escalate to violence and expressed his intention to partner with Cities United to further anti-violence efforts in the city He claimed that a small group of individuals, estimated to be around 100-200 people, are responsible for the majority of gun crimes and violence in Toledo. To address this issue, the mayor emphasized the need for a coordinated ecosystem involving local entities such as schools, police, and social workers to improve the lives of these individuals

Additionally, Kapszukiewicz praised the Coalition for Peaceful Toledo Neighborhoods, a group led by four former mayors, for their passionate efforts to make the city safer. He also announced plans to appoint a new police chief soon, following the retirement of Chief George Kral in January 2022

During his speech, the mayor spoke of the city's expected infrastructure improvements, including road and sidewalk repairs and reconstructions, and expressed hope that residents would renew the income tax levy dedicated to road repair in 2024

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