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Unfit Living Conditions In One Anderson Apartment Complex Has Citizens Concerned For Safety

"The Trash Is Piling Up Like a Third World Country, Why Can We Not Get Help " (unnamed party)

UPDATE: We heard from Kim Townsend from the Anderson Housing Authority and they wanted to make the community aware they DO NOT own this property. She further stated that they have ordered emergency inspections for the 21 families that are there. They also wanted to let the community know they are powerless in helping except for the families they are involved with but are fighting for all tenants in the complex.

Residence of the Bingham Apartment Complex is looking for answers and cannot seem to get any. Several tenants have complained about the trash, the mold, and the general lack of maintenance and support that is normally afforded to tenants. We attempted to reach the property managers by the phone number listed on google and it rings with no one on the other side to answer the phone. I found a different phone number on their Facebook page that I called and went through the prompts to attempt to reach the maintenance department. When I introduced myself they were quick to tell me no one was available to talk to me on the phone and gave me an email address and said I would have to email them, when I asked for a phone number to contact someone straight away, I was told I would need to email them instead.

The Facebook page for the complex boasts about a "recently renovated" complex located in Anderson however, the photos that have been shared with me suggest otherwise. Yet, last year the Anderson City Council approved a $935,000 bond to complete the renovations. According to a Harold Bulletin article PR Bingham LLC agreed to invest over Three million into the property. The project was slated for completion on or before June 1st, 2021 but due to delays with materials and labor from COVID-19 the project has suffered delays.

That still does not help tenants and their current woes. Pictures suggest that general maintenance concerns are not being addressed by several complainants and the Anderson Redevelopment Commission sent a thirty-day notice for the complex to become compliant.

Residents of the apartment complex also mentioned they were notified at the beginning of October that all utilities that were included are now the tenants' responsibility and, the notice mentioned they had thirty days to switch the utilities into their names. The act is causing the tenants to scramble to complete that task as many chose to live there because rent included some or all utilities.

The trash bins overflowing in the complex also cause other hazards for safety and rodents. As the fall weather brings us cooler temperatures, several worries have been expressed that the cold nights could bring raccoons and mice to enter the dwellings.

The Anderson Redevelopment Commission is aware of the problem and seems to be proactively working on a resolution, but the fact remains that there are neighbors in our community that is suffering due to the situation at hand.

What can you do to help?

Contact the Anderson Human Relations 765-648-6136 (updated )


Contact the Consumer Protection Division for the Indiana Attorney General

302 W. Washington Street, 5th Floor

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: (317) 232-6330 or (800) 382-5516


Share the story and help them get community awareness

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