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Update From Anderson Community Schools. Video Statement.

In a video posted to the school's Facebook, they stated, (read below)

M.C.C.N is aware of a video circulating social media of a child with long hair being taken away by police. We have spoken with the school officials and can confirm that the child in that video was NOT the child that was found in possession of the firearm. We still do not know why that student was detained, but we will share that information if we are able to get it.

Good afternoon. In light of the situation yesterday at Anderson High School I felt it was important that I share some additional information and details with you.

First, I would like to thank the Anderson High School staff and the Anderson Police Department for working together to ensure the safety and security of our students. Thanks to their efforts and training everyone was able to go home yesterday safely and without injury. Secondly, I want to briefly explain the details of what happened. A student reported another student sharing on social media that they had a gun at school. Our Anderson High School building staff, in partnership with the Anderson Police Department school resource officers in the building, investigated this immediately as they do every threat we are made aware of. Upon identifying the student, they were found to have a handgun in their possession. We were able to detain the student and the weapon.

Let me be clear, because I know there has been a lot of speculation on social media, there was one handgun. Not multiple or more powerful weapons. Furthermore, the gun was never discharged and no one was injured. Since the student detained is a minor, ACS will not provide any additional information on his/her identity. ACS disciplinary procedures will be followed and the Anderson Police Department will continue their investigation.

Our decision to close school today at Anderson High School and our D26 Career Center was not an easy one. However, we wanted to make sure that the building was completely safe prior to our students returning next week. Central office and Anderson High School administrators, in partnership with the Anderson Police Department, completed a sweep of Anderson High School today. There were no firearms, ammunition, or weapons found during this sweep. Again, this was done to make sure our staff and students are safe and feel comfortable returning to school next week. Additionally, we know that our students and staff experienced trauma yesterday. Therefore, we felt it best to allow them to stay home and have today and the weekend to recover emotionally. Counselors will be available for staff and students next week that need them. We will have additional safety and security measures in place at Anderson High School next week. This includes additional Anderson Police Department officers in the building to help with these safety measures.

I would like to close by again thanking our Anderson High School staff and the Anderson Police Department for working together to ensure our students and staff were safe throughout this unfortunate situation. It is why we go through training and conduct drills to be prepared in situations like this.

Furthermore, I would like to thank the student for reporting their concern. This allowed us to prevent a situation that could have been much worse. I encourage any student, parent, or community member that becomes aware of a threat to please report it. We take each potential threat very seriously.

Thank you for taking time to listen to this message. I truly appreciate the continued partnership and outpouring of support we’ve received over the last 24 hours. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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