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Update on Winter Storm- Alert

Just finished with a live weather update on the Winter Storm that is going to impact all of Central and North Central Indiana starting tomorrow and running into Friday. This winter storm will be impacting up to 13 states. What we know now is that on Tuesday we will start to receive rain. This storm is going to be moving to the Southeast. The storm is expected to come through in two waves. The first wave is rain, the second is obviously snow.

As it moves through colder air will take its place. Icing conditions of 1/10-2/10th of an inch can be expected along the I-70 corridor. While it is too early to make firm predictions, if you are 30 miles north or south of that line you can expect to see some ice. You can expect travel impacts from the icing and then the snow that follows.

Once the rain/ice move out on Wednesday then the snow will set up. Depending on where the front stalls that will determine how much snow each location gets. In the history of Indiana weather we have never had 2-3' of snow even though some are predicting that. Just as a side note the Blizzard of 1978 did not give us that much snow. Depending on where you live the snow could start as early as 5a on Wednesday and then last through 1a on Thursday as it slowly drifts S/E.

The models are currently trending that Central Indiana, including Madison County, has a 50% chance of 6+ inches of snow by the time this storm exits. In comparison Ft. Wayne has an 81% chance of 6+ inches of snow. The models are trending that Madison County has a 29% chance of 12" of snow, with again Ft. Wayne at 56%.

This is a continually developing weather system and story and we will update this later this afternoon after attending another live update and reviewing models from different sources.

This map shows snow fall potential in inches.

This map shows the % (probability) of over 6" snowfall

This map shows the % (probability) of 12" or more snowfall. Note Fort Wayne is at 56% and Madison County is actually at 29%.

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