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(Vermont) Metromedia Includes the State of Vermont in its Nationwide Community News Project.


Press Release

Burlington, VT.

Vermonters have a new source of news that is free from the biases and agendas of traditional media outlets. A new online station called "Channel V " is set to launch on 3/1/2023, and it is committed to providing late-breaking news updates and weather updates relevant to Vermont. One thing that sets Channel V apart from other news stations is that it does not cover politics. Instead, the station focuses on in-depth coverage of local issues, such as the economy, education, and the environment. It also covers national and international news, but without the sensationalism and spin often found in other media outlets. The station also plans to cover events in Vermont and to work with local businesses in their growth efforts.

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The station is independently owned and operated, meaning it is not beholden to any corporate or political interests. This allows it to report on stories that may not be popular with politicians, but this is the community’s station.

Metromedia Funding Solutions made a million-dollar investment into The Funded Project’s platform, a website that works to connect businesses with needed resources to develop a centralized web app platform allowing every city and state from coast to coast to have a community-based station that is set to be run by locals in the community they are placed, and service on a localized level. There are no subscription fees for the community, as this is free for the communities they serve. The station is funded by sponsors and businesses that wish to advertise, and the Metroplex collaboration with Amazon will allow members to shop conveniently.

Metromedia Funding Solutions owns and operates over 1,000 digital properties across the country and has five physical corporations, with the main corporate office is in Indianapolis, Indiana. The flagship station, and first property, MCCN news, has grown wildly popular, and so have other stations that have launched after it. CEO Moghadam and his staff have taken a no-nonsense approach to covering factual, verifiable news without gaslighting an agenda on the viewers. We believe we have identified the person we will bring on board as a station manager; stay tuned for details about her and her goals for this station. Please bear with us as we set the web app up, and if you are familiar with any of our sister stations, the site will have every feature and function the original station currently has!

Welcome to the Metromedia Brand, Vermont Friends!


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