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(Videostars) Metroplex Locals VR Concert A.I. in Virtual Reality hits hard- Watch This

Fort Worth, Texas - With the use of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the way that concertgoers experience live music will change along with social media as we know it today. The videostars A.I. buildout has the full capability to have an immersive experience in the metaverse as it allows bands to come onto the scene in a Metroplex Locals room in the Metroplex as the rollout of how social media will change thanks to the developments from Metromedia. The concept will also allow concertgoers to purchase music, virtual and real merchandise, and chat sessions with their favorite artists as this rolls out. The A.I. part will be able to create and promote with automation through interest groups in the virtual reality world, matching artists with fans that will be more likely to follow their bands. The V.R. with A.I. buildout will build the perfect venue for the show.

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*****This site is still under construction and will be live in Google Play, and Apple soon.

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