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We are doing a 10-questions session with sheriff candidates, but we need your help:

This is an ad-free community feedback session we are conducting.

We do not do political fluff or accept ads from political candidates, we do things a little differently.

Here is how this works

The four candidates running for sheriff have been given the opportunity to participate, it is completely up to them to do so. We will pick 10 questions randomly from the thread to ask each candidate. They only have 500 words to answer each question. We will not provide commentary, nor will we provide any endorsement. We will provide the results of this in a follow-up story to be released on Saturday 4/30/2022.

We want our following to ask questions on the Facebook thread.

This is a fact-finding mission.

This message was sent to each candidate's Facebook candidate page VIA Messanger :

"Good Morning, I am the investigative reporter for the Madison County News Network. We are a Facebook group citizen ran news page with over 23,000 local followers. We do not allow political advertising, as our model does not support such actions. We would like to ask a few questions for an upcoming story where we will share your answers with our audience. This same opportunity has been given to the other candidates. We will not do a commentary, and only post the answers to our questions on our website and share the link with our social media audience. Would you be willing to answer these questions on this conversation thread and allow us to share the exact replies with our audience? "

Each candidate also got this message in addition to the one shown:

Please keep posted on this conversation thread, the questions will be limited to a total of 10 questions, and you will have up to 500 words to reply for each question. You should expect the 10 questions to start Monday and the replies will be due on this thread no later than Thursday for a weekend release on the last weekend of April.

We have the rest of this week, and weekend to come up with the 10 questions and we will send the questions to the candidates on Monday, and they have through Thursday to answer the questions.

Thank You

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