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What You Should Be Doing Before Starting Your Business.

Are you REALLY ready?

Deciding to start a business could be the best or worst decision that you will make in your life. There is so much I have learned the hard way that has caused me millions and even years of my life. Anyone that has started a business, and grown it organically will probably tell you to buckle up. I want to set the record straight, I am not trying to discourage you, in fact, it is exactly the opposite. I want to make sure you don't have to go through the hell I went through.

Let's head straight into this, and make it easy...

  • Buckle Up- Enjoy this journey because YOU are writing your story.

  • We only preach from experience and practice what we preach.

  • Your friends and family are not entitled to discounts or free stuff.

  • Not everyone will win.

  • Not every day will be fun.

  • You will have to make uncomfortable decisions.

  • You need to prepare to lead.

Running Away From Your Comfort Zone

  • Do you have at least four months of your bills paid ahead?

  • Do you have your credit in line?

  • Do you have your business plan in line? This should also include your step-by-step on marketing and cash flow.

  • Do you have plan B and plan C on reserve?

  • Do you understand the field you are starting a business in?

  • You need your support- spouse, parent, friend, or pastor, do not attempt without support.

You need to have every bill paid AHEAD four months before starting.

Just because you opened the doors does not mean that everyone is running in to buy.

Not every marketing concept works, you will need to learn who your customers are.

You do not need the stress of bills when you launch your business, that is too much.

If you are in month three (dependent on industry) and have not made money, you need to evaluate what it is you are doing.

Your Credit Will Get Hit

  • If your credit is not a 750 or better, you need to work on it and discover how you get it there.

  • You should not start your business when you are maxed out on your credit.

  • Judgments and Liens should be addressed before you start, even if you do not pay them off, you should have a plan of action and a goal.

  • Credit repair does not work, the only thing that works is paying on or before your due dates.

Keep a good support system around you.

  • Before starting up, you need to discuss it with your significant other, parent, or whoever you lean on and talk to.

  • You need someone to keep you accountable if you cannot do it for yourself.

  • Do not cheat and lie to yourself about how your business is doing.

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