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Why You Should Get Funding Now? We Explored The Facts

Funding, Business funding, why now, We explore why October is the right time to take funding for your business,

These times are uncertain for everyone. Small businesses are vulnerable right now with the tax hikes and regulations on the table right now. Your business still needs to operate. I am writing this as a peer-to-peer article, not as a financial advisor. Have you noticed the cost of everything has gone up? Materials for jobs are also harder to come by for the construction guys. Restaurants are all claiming their costs have substantially gone up. October through the end of the year also has a lot of holidays, both for the Jewish and Christian Religions. If you have ever listened to my show or watched The Funded Project, you may have heard me speak about the purge of the economy. I am no scientist or expert, this is my observation. Here is how I calculate this and, you can too. IF the DEMAND for goods is increasing, but the supply is NOT then the demand that is served should expect to pay substantially more. I am going to shoot it straight, we all know price-gouging is illegal but you should expect these large companies to offset that balance somewhere. We can save the answer to "somewhere" for a different day, but every business that survives this pandemic will get good at the sport of "offset".

Your customers will whine at raising prices, but you have to make money too!

Your first thought was probably "what does that have to do with the funding?" Surprisingly a lot! As consumers realize that their money does not go as far they tend to pull back and try to hold on to as much of it as they can. That also means they become more conservative about how much they can deploy, and for how long. We know some funders would rather deploy a smaller amount over several businesses rather than "putting their eggs in one basket." Back to your customers, when prices have to go up for something that is out of your control, there will always be a slight decrease in revenue. How you have to combat this is to create a marketing environment to make them overcome it. We all know that is not free either.

When you see an opportunity to make some money you better go get it.

There are always ways to sweeten the bottom line in any business. Maybe you are a trucking company that found a really good deal on tires, a pizza place that found a special buy on cheese, or the contractor that found the perfect piece of equipment substantially cheaper than it should have been. Everyone out there looking for deals is finding them! That is when the Merchant cash advance becomes handy, like last week when a contractor bought a truck with an advance, but he bought it so cheap that he had equity driving it off.

If you sell a service or a product to the product, read this carefully!

Get ready for a crazy holiday season, let me set the stage for you. Today is October 11th, 2021, you need to make sure you have inventory for the holiday season if you are retail, and you need to make sure you jumpstart your marketing to captivate your customer's attention, there will be a lot of businesses out here fighting for them and it is not out of line to start targeting your market now. Service providers need to secure as much committed business as they can, these consumers are ready for the holiday but their pocketbooks are not, If you plan to get ahead you need to find that massive markup that can sell at a price they will jump on no matter what it is. Getting funding for such reasons is always proper.

Write out how every dollar you take on an advance is going to go to work for you.

This may sound redundant but I cannot express how important it is. Advances are not the cheapest way to funding, they are the easiest way to funding. But with this, and anything you do with your business, you need to have a plan. Look at your amount funded, the time to pay it back, how much that is costing you and where it is coming from. How much are you going to make with this money? Here are some examples:

If you bought a truck for your construction company, that truck will bring a lot of service well after the payments have ended.

If you bought a more efficient furnace for your office, you may not see the return of investment for a while, as you save money on your gas or electricity, was the savings worth what you paid for the funding? Not right away, but if it saves you in the long run you should still do it as long as the payments do not hurt your cash flow.

You have a retail or eCommerce store and you found a deal for an inventory, can an advance make you money? That is a math question, first, look at what you are paying, now look at what you are getting funded for, and what is the payback? Here is an example, I had a retail store that sells clothing has an opportunity to buy a bunch of coats for about 25 cents on the dollar. She bought 40,000 worth of coats for 10,000 but that money cost on the payback 14,200 dollars, should she do it? Absolutely as long as her term is long enough to sustain the return of investment. In her case she had 80 days to do it, so she got the inventory and immediately started selling it so she could handle the payments and make money at the same time.

Why using a broker over a direct funder is a good idea

(Yes Carrie, We Know)

The problem of using a direct funder is every time that you want to shop the rates or shop possibilities the direct funder can only help you with his or her product. The cost difference can be substantial in the merchant cash advance industry. Metromedia Funding Solutions has a substantial network, in fact, one of the largest in the country. These funders trust the Metromedia scoring system so you never have to worry about a bunch of inquiries from funders who reject you! In fact, in most cases, you can provide your own report and if you choose to take funding that is the only time they would pull it. As a merchant, the platform is free for you to use, you never pay a fee to Metromedia, we are paid by the funder and never charge a professional service fee, which can save you some money. We are down-to-earth midwestern funding agents.

In Conclusion- Why us

I am not the guy who will paint a pretty picture for you, I am going to paint a real one. When we work with you, rest assured everyone on my team is fighting the same fight, to find you the best possible funding program we can find. We are not going to "win every case" but, we will win ones that you would think were sure-fire fails. Here is what I promise, I will fight my ass off to get the job done for you, I never give up, I never quit, I work crazy hours, and I will make sure that if there is a better deal out there for you, we are going to be the ones that bring it.

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