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Winter Storm Watch here, Winter Storm Warning Northern 1/3 of Indiana

As of the writing of this update, the NWS has just updated and expanded the Winter Storm Warning for parts of the northern 1/3 of Indiana. Madison County remains in a Watch, but I believe within the next 12-16 hours the NWS will issue a winter storm warning for all of Central Indiana.

An hour ago only the very NW corner of the State was in the Warned area. As stated that has been expanded to take in everything from a Fort Wayne to Logansport to Monticello/Rensallear and points north and just south of this line. This warning covers multiple states: Parts of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and lower Michigan.

What can they expect: Heavy snow and dangerous travel are expected. Total snow accumulations in excess of 10 inches. Winds at or above 30 mph will cause blowing and drifting of snow. One model puts the Fort Wayne area in a 15+" area of snowfall. Another shows them closer to 2' and in all honesty that is possible at this point.

When: Wednesday night through Thursday, possibly into Friday early morning hours.

FOR US: If you live in Central Indiana and you have travels or business in the above area plan on being delayed or not traveling at all.

With regards to MADISON COUNTY weather: Wish I had better news, but I don't.

What/When: Rain starts here on Tuesday. Then starting Wednesday morning around 7a and running through Thursday night we will start with some rain, it should turn to freezing rain/sleet and then heavy snow.

Currently, this does not appear to be a "wind event" so it should not reach blizzard status. To be a blizzard you need winds at or sustained to 35 mph. Winds are only expected to be around 20mph which will cause blowing and drifting snow, but not blizzard status. That said there is no need to go run out and clean out the grocery stores!

By Wednesday evening (7p) everyone will be in an "all heavy snow" event. The second wave will come through Wednesday night bringing more heavy snowfall till 7p Thursday.

With regards to icing, it is still expected to be 1/10th to 2/10th of an inch. With the ice and heavy snow, you can expect some power outages.

MADISON County is currently cut in half for snowfall totals. The northern half is in the 10-15" band and the southern half is in the 6-10" band.

In case you were wondering the most measured snow in Indiana was 16" in 1910. Continue to keep an eye on the weather, check on your elderly neighbors and parents, bring those pets inside, and when you do start cleaning your driveways and sidewalks make sure you take plenty of breaks. Many people suffer heart attacks trying to shovel snow for too long a period of time.

As this is a developing situation, we will continue to monitor and update you as necessary. Remember to always have more than one source of information to get watches and warnings.

Snowfall totals:

This next is the expected icing:

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