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You all want us to pay what???

If you sat through that testimony as a business owner, you had to feel a little ripped off...

Wasted Ad Dollars, Algorithms

If you are reading this you probably are a business owner, just like me . There is nothing that gets me going more than realizing I spent my business' hard-earned money on a service to make a better working environment for my reps all to find out I did not get what I paid for. If you are in the funding space working as an agent, or a funder, you have discovered Facebook never let you use the algorithm to advertise! No, we had to target the whole audience, We did not need a room of senators on the hill to tell us that either.

How many bots are clicking your ads? Every time they do, you get charged. Meanwhile, the algorithm is set to make teen girls feel less about themselves. They have small businesses sitting on the sideline paying for exposure, selling you robot clicks, and collecting your money. Yet, that same algorithm is trained to feed our kids crap they probably should not see. If the government steps in and does anything, it should make them give the users on the platform the option to opt-out of the algorithm.

Working in the development space, here is what we can tell you, that indexing format is more like a sales format. The inventors of that platform are not worried about you, or your business. The format that computer to keep their visitors on their platform. Now that we have established that, now I am going to show you how to win in this situation.

You do not have a home-court advantage, that is their arena.

You know it is their arena when your browser takes you there, but ball games are won often by the visiting team, not an issue. This little project will take you participating so, get ready.

We call this "Conversation starting"

Join at least three groups a day, they should mirror the interests of your customers. Join the groups and follow the rules, learn to post in the discussion. That does not mean jumping in their group and slamming your sales pitch on the wall, that means interacting. If you are in a group about bunnies you better like talking about bunnies. Network, and get to know the members in that group, and remember, you represent your company, and your brand, so no acting crazy.

This will not make you rich overnight

You get a two for one tonight, not only is it a hands-on job, and if you are an introvert it is also an uncomfortable one, but it is a formula that always works. Here is the other part of it, no amount of SEO will put your post above a paid ad on every platform I have seen. Save your money and focus your dollars towards other things, here is what they did not want you to know, but I am going to tell you anyway, working with the users of a platform will monetize two-fold overpaying for some tags to have some robot click


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